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To provide self-development tools needed to instill value and self-worth in adult women so that they can identify the queen within and soar at their greatest potential.


To coach adult women 18 years and older who are ready to invest in themselves and make a radical change to live a higher quality of life by learning the 7 strategies to self-development so that they can turn their scars into stars by embracing their true identity and reclaim their crown of Honor, Dignity, Self-worth, and Inner Beauty.


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Reclaim Your Crown Coaching session.

Women Empowerment

Join our virtual “Women Empowerment “on Zoom Every 3rd Sunday from 5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M and participate in Topic Discussions that are design to Inspire and unlock your God given potential so that you can strive and thrive.

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Work With Me

Self-development can be short-term or long-term depending on the plan of the individual. Most people subscribe to the long-term commitment to self-development because it pays better in the end. God wants us to soar at every point in our lives, and you can’t achieve this if you stop developing yourself by learning and doing new things.

What you can expect:

Women will learn how to express their queen ship by learning how to identify their passion, become authentic, set clear goals, regain hope and optimism, vanquish their fears, increase their faith, and grow their self-confidence. Your Self-Development Coach believes that there is a queen in every women, and when you know your Worth; there is nobody that can make you feel worthless.

Coaching Sessions:

We provide three unique power pack “Self-Development” sessions that are designed to increase your self-worth as you engage in learning the 7 strategies for self-development. You will find that each strategy will add value to your life and build your strength to soar at your greatest potential.

All coaching sessions will consist of the 7 strategies for self-development. You will have the flexibility to choose which Coaching Session that fits your schedule. You will have the option to choose whether you want to attend session online or in-person. As well as attend individual sessions or a small group session at an affordable price.

Dates: Scheduled at intake

You have the option to choose your specific “Self-Development” Coaching Session:

1- Diamond Coaching Program

“Reclaim Your Crown” coaching empowers women to increase their self-worth by

investing in themselves and learning the 7 strategies to self-development which include:

Authenticity. Build Your Confident. Face Your Fear. Build Self-Esteem. Healthy Relationship. Healthy Conflict Resolution. Goal Planning & Vision Board.

Online or In- person (you decide)

2 – Pearls Coaching Program

  • “Turn Your Scars into Stars” Coaching Program will enable women to Grow through your struggle, Be heal from Your Pain, and Gain Life Transformation.
  • Online or In-person (you decide)

3 – Jewels Coaching Program

  • “You got a Right to Write” Coaching Program will guide woman in writing with passion, and staying accountable to complete their writing project, and receive writing resources.
  • Online or In-person (you decide)

7 Strategies:

Self-development requires dogged determination and hard work. This book will enable you to learn about the 7 strategies on self-development.

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