Michelle Murray, Self- Development Coach

Michelle Murray is known to be a trail blazer and the author of the book “Reclaim Your Crown” which resonated from her life’s journey.

Michelle Murray is passionate about implementing transformational change in hurting and broken women. She is a graduate from the Esther Urban Missionary Academy that specialized in mentoring at risk women.

Michelle Murray is at her best when she is coaching women recovering from life challenges to turn their scars into stars so that they can embrace their true -identity, and reclaim their crown of Honor, Dignity, Self-worth, and Inner Beauty.

As your “Self-Development” Coach, I will work with you….

  • To reinvent yourself by developing your self-worth
  • Turn your scars into stars by operating from a place of power and not pain
  • Experience more freedom, find your pathway to happiness, live a more quality and meaningful life
  • Meet you where you are in life and use my coaching expertise to guide you through

Learning how to apply the 7 strategies to self-development to increase your self-worth So that you can strive and thrive.

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